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AdGuru is brought to you by Publicis Media, the world’s largest and most trusted media buyer. With data privacy and brand safety handled by us, you can be confident that your ads are reaching your target audience safely and responsibly. Don’t just take our word for it, we are Gold Standard certified by the UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau meaning our processes are regularly audited and verified.

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What is AdGuru?

AdGuru is a self-serve advertising platform that helps small to medium-sized companies grow their business by connecting with millions of potential new customers across the UK.

With preferential rates and access to audiences across the country’s largest platforms and publishers, such as The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Independent and more, our easy-to-use platform could help your business soar.

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Client testimonial

MotorEasy brand advertising has historically focused on television and print advertising. However, we’ve recently expanded into digital display to see if it could provide an effective channel for building brand awareness. AdGuru provided a safe environment to test programmatic. Importantly it provides access to curated inventory put together by one of the worlds largest media agencies.
The results were very positive, delivering a better performance than we expected, exceeding equivalent campaigns on Google Display Network and other direct display media channels. AdGuru delivers a combination of an intuitive 24/7 self-serve interface with great results, and is a fantastic addition to our marketing channels.

Jim Murray-Jones

CMO MotorEasy

Manage your campaigns with full control and flexibility

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    Live data reporting

    Once your ads go live, our reporting dashboard provides live data on your campaign’s performance.

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    Learn and improve

    You can easily see what works and what can be improved to get the most out of your budget.

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    Easy adjustment

    Try out a new creative, set a new target audience or simply pause a campaign in just a few clicks.

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AdGuru Campaign Manager Why advertise using AdGuru?

Easy to use

A fully self-serve platform designed with simplicity at its heart. Launching campaigns is quick and easy to do and requires no specialist training.

Full Control

Business owners can access the platform at any time and on any device, giving them full control over the set up and delivery of their campaigns and allowing them to make decisions in real-time.

Safe & Secure

All campaigns purchased through the platform are guaranteed to deliver via partners that are trusted & verified, ensuring your advertising investments are fully secure and fraud-free.

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